Why We Need Bravery Today...


This is a hard blog post to write.

I've been feeling really rough lately.

At first, I thought it was my incessant "artist struggle" to get bills paid and pour myself out for all to see. I thought maybe it's that gosh-darned low grade depression which follows me around from time to time... (It very well might be.)

But as the gloom presses down upon me further and further, my detective-brain hunts furiously to get to the bottom of it. Perhaps it's just the continued life changes...

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Present Darkness, Hopeful Distance

Present Darkness, Hopeful Distance.png

This may not be what the sky looks like tonight (it's from a couple nights ago) but it's how I feel right now. 

As a sophomore in college I spent over a semester living in Ankara, Turkey.

My time there was filled with *way* more serious things than your typical study abroad shenanigans. Turkey happened in the midst of my first year in recovery from my eating disorder. It was my first months of Prozac. It held an attempt at forgiveness. It broke down a lot (all?) of my internal...

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Artists Who Take Terrible Care of Themselves Make Terrible Art.

Artists Who Take Terrible Care of Themselves Make Terrible Art.jpg

And by “terrible art” I mean absolutely NO art. Zilch. Zero. Nada. This week was a perfect example of exactly that.

To be quite honest, this week I was scrambling around like a runt duckling running behind his speedy family (or at least that’s what it felt like.)

Do you ever have those days when the words, “I just can’t catch a break, can I?” cross your lips more than 5 times? or 10? or 20?

To honor the theme of 2016 (Do it *your* way,) I’m finding...

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The "Other" Seattle Skyline & Father's Day Attribution

The other Seattle Skyline & Father's Day Attribution.jpg

Not many people get to see the "other" Seattle skyline: ferris wheel, stadiums, port paraphernalia, and Mt Rainier.

I got to call my dad while looking at this view sitting in traffic on my way home from teaching music.

My dad's a teacher too - a professor who wears bow ties, elbow patches, and gives exorbitantly long answers to simple questions. He's the one who taught me how to ask questions, sell lemonade, and be a feminist #girlboss.

My dad's pretty great.

Happy Father's Y'all!

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Concert Window: Songs in a Stairwell (aka to the Moon and Back!)

For the past 2 weeks, I've had the honor of doing a little mini artist residency up here in Seattle. So yesterday I took advantage of the perfect lighting and acoustics in a stairwell by *almost* spontaneously giving a little concert via the killer website, Concert Window!

These shows are always so crazy. It blows my mind that I can press a couple buttons and send myself to the moon and back down for ANYONE, ANYWHERE to see! If you've never experienced a show via Concert Window, they're super...

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I'm doing an *almost* spontaneous, FREE, live concert broadcast!

If technology is on our side, I'll reach through the span of the internet and make your music-lovin' self feel like this little guy...

The show starts starts at 8:00pm EDT // 5:00pm PDT this Wednesday, June 8th.

Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in! I’ll play NEW songs, answer your questions, play some favorite cover songs, and give a taste of the new album too!

RSVP for free & get a reminder before the show starts.

Click here: ...

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A Baby Music School Turns 1!

A Baby Music School Turns 1.jpg

I love this photo so much.

It's the visual embodiment of what it's like to be a part of a recital with the Coda School of Music. Teachers laughing, kids trying to look super cool, big smiles, and so much love. 

For those of you that don't know, my friend Lacey Brown and I started a community music school with another friend Ivar Hillesland. Earlier this month, we completed our first year of official nonprofit-ness and also therefore (successfully) submitted our first round of nonprofit...

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New Song: Little Bit

Alternative Blog Post Title:

"I Don't Have Time To Write Songs for a Kids Album!

...Or Do I?"

I've got a lot going on these days - writing a book and getting ready to release a new album. As part of raising funds to release this album, I've set an album pre-order level for anyone to commission an original or cover song.

It turns out, when you're across the country from your sister who just had her second child, the overwhelming urge to write a song is too hard to deny. Earlier this week I had...

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Did I Know I Was Going to Portland? No, No I Did Not.


Did I know when I woke up this morning that I'd be going to Portland today?

No, no I did not. 

Did I know at 12noon I'd be going to Portland today?

No, no I did not. 

Did I know at 2pm?

No, no I did not. 

Did I know at 4pm?

No, no I did not. 

I made the decision at 4:30pm to arrive at the train station at 5:30pm.


I can hear you saying, "Oh my god. Emily, you are insane."

Don't worry, I'm not.

I was furiously packing to catch the last train of the day and...

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All The Kick-Ass Bands Represented on "Velveteen"

So the idea to pull together a little playlist of all the bands represented by the musicians who play on Velveteen just came to me the other day. LITTLE DID I KNOW, this playlist would become one of my. favorite. playlists. 

It just further illustrates how stinkin' lucky we all are (you too!) to have this group of musicians on this album.  

I have such talented friends on this album. They ALL do such kick-ass stuff and partake of so much awesome music here in...

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