A Coloring Book?! Why The Hell Not?!

A Coloring Book_Why The Hell Not

This has been the general sentiment while preparing the Bare Naked Bravery podcast launch over the last couple weeks: "Why The Hell Not?!"

I mean, yes, there are always great reasons to not do anything, but when it comes to making the birth of this weekly show as big a deal as possible, I'll gladly crank it hard to the right and yell, "Why The HELL Not?!"

Part of this leads me to something which I'm floored to announce. As I was telling Siolo Thompson (one of our soon-to-be featured guests on the show) today, "You know sometimes, I announce new projects just to validate and test my new ideas." I don't expect every single one to be well-received.

This idea, however, is not so...

A couple weeks ago I heard from a couple instagram followers who reached out to me because they wanted to help make this podcast even more awesome than it already is...

We got an idea.

Asked around to see if others would want to join us...

Low and BEHOLD!

We're Making An Adult Coloring Book!

There are 11 artists total, of all kinds, from all over the world who are contributing 2 designs each to this brave little coloring book. The whole thing will be available for free and also in paperback via Amazon! Any proceeds will go to 4 brave charities voted upon by the podcast listeners! (How cool is that?!)

Again, it's all in honor of "Why the HELL Not?!" and "Heck, yes I want to make new friends from all over the world!" Don't YOU?!


Psst! It's here!!!! Fill out this form to download it now!



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