Bare Naked Bravery

How to Be Creatively Courageous

the self-help memoir by Emily Ann Peterson


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"This girl is funny! I always enjoy a book that's out to help it's readers AND throw in several servings of humor along the way."

★★★★★ Amazon reviewer

"I could not stop listening to this book... you NEED this book. Worth reading or listening to more than once!"

★★★★★ Audible reviewer

"This book is BEAUTIFUL. If you are craving bravery in your life read this book. Change starts with you."

★★★★★ Amazon reviewer

"Get your knuckles bloodied - this book makes your face your fears, and gives you the tools to find your courage."

★★★★★ Amazon reviewer

Learn to be confident & unshakably strong.

Build Your Bravery, One Step at a Time


No one is a stranger to moments of terror and “stuff” hitting the fan. Fear will rear its ugly head no matter your background, upbringing, career path, or goals.

But how do we get brave without getting reckless? How can we encounter life with great abandon and wise courage? How do we stand for ourselves and others without having a panic attack? What does bravery even mean? How do we recreate it? Is it born or built?

Author & singer-songwriter Emily Ann Peterson asked these same questions in 2013 after a life-altering, career-halting diagnosis of a degenerative neurological disease in her right hand. As a full-time cellist, her music career was forever changed. Unbeknownst to her, it was changed for the better.

Knowing she’d have to “be brave,” but not knowing what that really meant, Emily Ann got curious. Really curious. Surviving an eating disorder, starting a music career during a recession, and venturing into uncharted territory post-diagnosis are just some of her personal feats of bravery. Unveiling these stories of everyday heroism, she paints a clear and vibrant picture of what courage looks like for those who don’t feel courageous. (Hint: True bravery never feels brave.)


In Bare Naked Bravery you will learn to:

  • Use your fear, instead of fighting it or running from it.
  • Identify the 3 types of bravery in yourself and your surroundings
  • Infuse creativity into your courageous acts for exhilarating results
  • Weave the 12 ingredients of bravery into your daily life
  • Ask questions that boost courage instantly
  • Use Emily Ann’s favorite bravery building tools
  • Create a daily practice of building bravery

Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous is an extremely vulnerable dive into what bravery means, how it looks, and how to build it with a daily practice of expression and mindfulness.

Now a singer/songwriter and teaching artist for fellow courageous creatives, Emily Ann takes readers and listeners of the Bare Naked Bravery podcast community beyond the walls of vulnerability, using wide imagination and sharp skills of improvisation.

The world is waiting for your Bare Naked Bravery!

People Are Saying...

Emily Ann Peterson has soulfully brought to life her own real, raw, honest journey to Bare Naked Bravery. Reading this book is not only inspiring as hell, but the stories she shares are giant reminders that you're not alone. It'll make you laugh, cry, and pour yourself a glass of wine while you pretend you're sitting across from her ugly sobbing during the best soul chat of your life.

- Lauren Frontiera, creator of The Real Female Entrepreneur

Despite having spent years studying fear to write a book about it, Bare Naked Bravery still gave me transformational new insight into the art and science of courage. Emily’s storytelling is authentic, moving and highly engaging. Not only will this book entertain you, it will also give you clear, practical and actionable frameworks on how to transcend your fears and rise above every challenge. Bare Naked Bravery is an invaluable guide to living a more courageous life filled with greater joy and meaning.

- Akshay Nanavati, author of Fearvana

Bare Naked Bravery invites you to grab your heart in one hand and your courage in the other and face your inner and outer challenges with a smile. Let Emily's book be a fairy godmother that offers a clear pathway to not only be brave, but to also resilient, self-loving, curious, and playful.

- Heather Ash Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training

Bare Naked Bravery is an inspiring, empowering manifestation of one woman's journey to recovery. Whether it's an illness, a divorce, or financial ruin, we all deal with challenges in our lives. We all need to brave, and we need bravery from others. If you have ever struggled, if you have ever been scared, if you have ever stopped and thought, "How do I make it through this?" - this book is for you.

- Bari Tessler, financial therapist and author of The Art of Money

Bare Naked Bravery invites you to find your inner courage and face the multitude of challenges in your life, whatever they may be. Whether you're dealing with illness, loss, pain, or struggle these concepts can help you make it through. Emily teaches you to be brave when you need it the most. It's a must-read!

- Nina Ferreyra, CEO of 707Ave

Part memoir, part empowering how-to, Bare Naked Bravery sets the groundwork for transcending fear in your own life. Emily Ann Peterson explores bravery with vulnerability, humor and grace.

— August McLaughlin, creator of Girl Boner®

Bare Naked Bravery is an empowering, inspiring guide to transcending fear and overcoming struggles. Emily Ann Peterson explores what bravery really is and how you can achieve it. Her writing is beautiful and raw - the vulnerability of her life truly shines through. A must-read for all.

- Dr. Elaine Hodge, author of Stepping Outside the Secrets

Finally, a book to awaken each of us to the bravery we hold within and our capacity to be courageous through the hard things in life. You can live beyond the hurt. Emily Ann shows you how.

- Michelle Madrid-Branch, author of Mascara Moments

This book is a breath of fresh air. Most of us have lost our courage in this pampered modern world. But instead of making us feel bad for not being brave enough, Emily Ann Peterson compassionately encourages us to face our fears. She elegantly notes that it’s ok to feel but that we can be more of the people we want to be if we courageously move toward our fears. This book is informative, personable, funny, and, most of all, inspiring. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Chris Friesen, Ph.D., author of Achieve: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, & How To Make It Happen

Emily Ann Peterson isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. She’s able to dig deeper and shine a light on the issues others might avoid. It takes bravery to talk about topics that may make others uncomfortable, and Emily has the chutzpah to do it. Best of all, though, she is able to tackle those tough subjects in a kind, loving, compassionate, and tender-hearted way. That’s a special gift.

- Becky Mollenkamp, business strategist

One thing the world needs is courageous, humble people who do what it takes to make a difference. Emily Ann is one of those people, a young woman with an inspiring story and welcoming approach. Her down-to-earth, practical guide to living with courage and creativity is an inspiring read for anyone wanting to change their life and help serve the world. Read it!

- Troy Anderson, founder of Speak Up For The Poor

We’ve all got imperfections, flaws, and limitations – it’s the nature of being human. And we’ve all been knocked sideways by what author Emily Ann Peterson calls “life’s dream-crushing restraints” including illnesses that rob us of our livelihood, death of a loved one, a lover’s rejection, a friend’s cruelty, car accidents, broken bones, arthritis, anxiety, depression – you name it, you’re going to experience it if you live long enough. But life hands us something else, too: the courage and resilience to use our vulnerability and our fear to imagine, create, and move forward into exciting new adventures in our lives. In her memoir Bare Naked Bravery, Emily Ann draws on
real-life experience to write with honesty, intelligence, and pluck about how to overcome adversity by facing our fears, flaunting our mistakes, and becoming our authentic selves. In the end, it is not just for ourselves that we need to develop a strong skill-set of courage and resilience. “You need to be brave,” she writes, “because someone out there needs you to be brave.” Bravo!

~ Katherine Ketcham, author of The Only Life I Could Save

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