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The latest single, Dr. Ford

OUT Oct 2nd!

Emily Ann Peterson’s upcoming EP Something’s Gotta Give heralds the fast-approaching US November 2020 election with a bouquet of piercing and politically-driven songs, highlighting issues on every ballot around the country. Though her sophomore release is scheduled for the Spring of 2021, Nashville-based singer/songwriter said “I cannot sit on these particular songs any longer.”


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Written in the wake of receiving a career-altering health diagnosis, this collection of songs in Covered in Clover marks Emily Ann Peterson's full-length studio debut.


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TEDx Lecture on Resonance


About a month after my official diagnosis (degenerative neurological hand tremor) and the day before I left for a 6-week artist residency, I gave a lecture at TEDxTacoma on the topic of "Resonance" and how we can value shared experiences. 



People Are Saying...

  • Peterson Resilience Consulting

    “Emily Ann Peterson has soulfully brought to life her own real, raw, honest journey to Bare Naked Bravery. Reading this book is not only inspiring as hell, but the stories she shares are giant reminders that you're not alone. It'll make you laugh, cry, and pour yourself a glass of wine while you pretend you're sitting across from her ugly sobbing during the best soul chat of your life.”

    creator of The Real Female Entrepreneur

  • Peterson Resilience Consulting

    “Despite having spent years studying fear to write a book about it, Bare Naked Bravery still gave me transformational new insight into the art and science of courage. Emily’s storytelling is authentic, moving and highly engaging. Not only will this book entertain you, it will also give you clear, practical and actionable frameworks on how to transcend your fears and rise above every challenge. Bare Naked Bravery is an invaluable guide to living a more courageous life filled with greater joy and meaning.”

    author of "Fearvana"

  • Peterson Resilience Consulting

    “Bare Naked Bravery invites you to grab your heart in one hand and your courage in the other and face your inner and outer challenges with a smile. Let Emily's book be a fairy godmother that offers a clear pathway to not only be brave, but to also resilient, self-loving, curious, and playful.”

    author of "Warrior Goddess Training"