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 Now, more than ever...

we need to be brave. 

Hi! I'm Emily Ann Peterson.

I write songs and books (and more!) to empower your bravery.


You might be my patron if...

...if you love what I do and want to be part of it more often!

Each of my brave and beloved patrons pledge a small amount ($5+) monthly. That amount covers my ongoing overhead expenses and helps fund new music & book releases!


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As a thank you, every month my patrons receive membership to:

  • Snail-Mail Club: stickers! magnets! postcards!
  • Song-of-the-Month Club: patrons-only demo or publicly available studio recording, often both!
  • Plus, behind-the-scenes videos, voting privilege on new merch, surprise event invites, downloads and bonus content!

It's all waiting for you in a secret patron-only membership area! Patrons can cancel at any time. Thank you in advance for your enduring support of the work I put out into the world!



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I keep every draft of my songwriting in The Incubator for my patrons.

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Attend surprise online events!

Patrons get access to any exclusive virtual hangout, happy hour, concert, or creative chat we host!

Thank you!

Benefactors come in all shapes and sizes.

The following is an incomplete list of those who have helped to propel my art and music outside of my patron program. 

Diane Kroll: 16-Day Artist Residency (Seattle, WA)

Nicole Woltersdorf: 10-day Artist Residency (Whidbey Island, WA)

Anonymous: 7-Day Artist Residency (Orcas Island, WA)

Mandy Troxel: Concert Host (Orcas Island, WA)

Susan House: 4-Day Artist Residency & Vehicle Maintenance (Apple Hill, CA)

Clare Ferguson: House Concert Host (Pasadena, CA)

Timothy Graves: House Concert Host (San Diego, CA)

Jonas & Anita Gushurst: 24-Day Artist Residency (Seattle, WA)

James Lenhardt: Disc Manufacturing & 4-Day Artist Residency (Seattle, WA)

Anonymous: Disc Manufacturing

Feed253: Songwriting Nutrition

Victoria Hankwich: Piano! (Tacoma, WA)

Anonymous: Songwriting Workshop Fee/Lodging/Meals (Plain, WA)

Grünewald Guild: 6-week Artist Residency (Plain, WA)

Nick Herring: iMac 21.5inch 2.7 GHz

Martin Family: Roland Keyboard

Kye Alfred Hillig: Condenser Mic

Peterson Family: Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic

Karen Scwartzbauer: Wireless Printer 

Amy Johnson: Pencil Mic Shockmount

Samdhana-Karana Yoga: Low Profile Boom Stand

Three Trees Yoga: Mic Stand & Headphones

Cliff Rosson: Recording Interface

Chris Burlingame: Headphones

Nelson Family: Headphones

Kathryn Hillig: Mic Cables

Meg Brennand: Keyboard Cover

Tammy Scarlett: Studio Floor Lamp

Tara Ward: Studio Floor Lamp

Anonymous: Boomerang Phrase Sampler

Anonymous: Fishman Amplifier