These Are The People Who Make Me Brave

Every hero of yours has a list of people who empowered them to be brave. This is mostly because our bravery is built one day at a time, so the people who surround us make us brave, with or without our consent. Bravery is contagious after all!

As we grow up, our family and friends teach us to engage with the world by example and by daily attention. I saw this to be true every year I watched my former cello students grow into the humans mirrored after their family and their daily cello practice.

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2015 In Review: You Blow My Socks Off!

Every year I sit down and comb through my calendar, receipts, emails, and look at what went well and what didn't go well in the previous year. I use all that insight to get a better idea of what next year might be like and what I want to aim for. I call it my Annual Review. 

[Here's Part 1 and Part 2 of last year's Annual Review.]

I started doing this analytical ritual about 6 years ago. Some seasons, I've even done it on a quarterly basis, which I'm probably going to do in 2016. It's been…

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My Island Of Gratitude

I released my debut EP last week. Yay!

I managed to catch a brutal head cold this weekend. I could feel it coming on the second I walked off the stage from my performance with Stephanie Anne Johnson's new band, Northern Pacific. (It's courteous to wait til all other members of the band have left the venue, but I could tell I wasn't gonna be able to make that happen. I had to leave.)

My body knows what's up.

& I'm grateful it knows when to get sick. (Read: "force me to rest.")

I always get si…

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