These Are The People Who Make Me Brave

Every hero of yours has a list of people who empowered them to be brave. This is mostly because our bravery is built one day at a time, so the people who surround us make us brave, with or without our consent. Bravery is contagious after all!

As we grow up, our family and friends teach us to engage with the world by example and by daily attention. I saw this to be true every year I watched my former cello students grow into the humans mirrored after their family and their daily cello practice.

As we become “adults” (whatever that means), our chosen families and the people we spend the most time with become the biggest influence on how courageous our life looks. They inspire our next steps with encouragement or discouragement. It is for this reason that…

I want to thank the following people who make me brave:

  • my parents: for nurturing the discipline required to become a successful modern musician

  • my (great)grandparents: for purchasing or passing along musical instruments that I still play today, see video below

  • my musical friends: for pats on the back and sighs of celebration when when I do brave things

  • my patrons: who support me financially & emotionally to continue the work, the songwriting, the recording, the travel, the list goes on

This sappy Christmas ad pretty much sums it all up…

(warning: tissues were required when I watched this for the first, second, and third time.)


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