A podcast is born! Bare Naked Bravery launches August 16th!

Well, last week's news was absolute garbage, wasn't it? Everything hit me hard. I think it was all just compounded upon a month of, quite honestly, one really crappy news delivery after another.

I wrote a blog post about it.
and then I ugly cried about it live on Facebook. 

I considered taking the video down, but decided to keep it up because in light of all the recent news tragedy in the world. We really do need the rawness. and simply deleting all the pain is NOT the solution. Unjust events and misplaced power should make us feel uncomfortable. Growth and progress rarely happens inside our comfort zones.

But all this is grieving only validated where I've been putting my creative energy lately...

We need these reminders to be brave, be vulnerable, be ourselves.

Which brings me to some very exciting news...

On August 16th, a podcast shall be born!

and we shall call it, Bare Naked Bravery!



I told you I had some magic up my sleeves... ;) 


I've already collected over 15 episodes (!!!) with 15 really wonderful people: 
- ground-breaking public educators
- inspiring singer/songwriters
- change-making authors
- artists who'll make you want to go make stuff
- innovative business owners who kick butt every second of the day
- (just to list a few of them)

Why am I starting a podcast?
1. I love podcasts. I've been listening to them since I got my first iPod in 2004.
2. Talking about brave moments with people who inspire me is second nature.
3. Sharing brave moments with people who inspire me is my favorite thing.
4. Most importantly, we all need a little more bravery in our lives.

I can tell this little weekly show will be a BIG deal for more folks than just little ol' me. 

There's already a BARE NAKED BRAVERY COLORING BOOK (!!!) featuring at least 10 different visual artists from around the world!

You guys.


It all feels bigger than anything I can handle on my own...

If you want to join us in making this little podcast it's very best, I'm collecting applications to join the launch team!

Being a member of a launch team is a pretty cool thing. If you haven't done one before, I highly recommend it. You can click here to read more about it. (Note: Launch Team Applications are due by Tuesday July 19th.)

And if you're wondering about my other stuff, don't you fret your little head. The album is still in crowdfunding stage (65.35% funded!) and the book came back from my editor's (covered in gorgeous red ink!)

Here's to being BRAVE!


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