Let's Do Epic "Stuff" Together! 


In the south, where I grew up, Black Tie Events are a BIG deal. People go all out for these things.

Shoes get shined, tuxes & cumber buns return from the dry cleaners, the tags are popped off sequin dresses, and hair gets really big - like really, really big - like Dolly Parton big.


I'm in the final, thrilling stages of launching a new podcast! (and later releasing my book too!) 

The podcast is called Bare Naked Bravery. I started it because...

  1. I love podcasts.
  2. Talking about brave moments with people who inspire me is second nature to me.
  3. Sharing brave moments with people who inspire me is my favorite thing.
  4. Most importantly, we all need a little more bravery in our lives.

As I've collected the first eleven episodes (!!!) I can tell this little weekly show will be a big deal for more folks than just little ol' me.

It feels bigger than anything I can handle on my own.

Which is why I need your help.


So let's pull out all the stops!

If you are chosen to join this elite launch team, here's what you can expect to enjoy:

  • Being a part of my VERY FIRST official launch team!!
  • Get a super duper early advance copy of any related material (free books! free music! free sneak peeks!) 
  • One email from me each week (and more during launch weeks)
  • Transparent "tell-all" videos on what I'm doing to market things every step of the way
  • Membership to an exclusive Facebook group with other epic folks like yourself!
  • and...
  • Most importantly, you'll help people understand and become fluent in their own creative courage and tell their stories of bravery!

If you are chosen to join this launch team, here's what I will ask of you:

  1. One hour per week for about 4-6 weeks per launch (you'll help in a variety of areas per your skills and interests)
  2. To listen to and honestly review the podcast on iTunes (and later my book on Amazon too.)
  3. To spread the word to other people for at least 5 episodes during the launch (via social media, etc.)
  4. To join an occasional online group meeting (via Zoom - like Skype, but better)
  5. Completing a quick check-in survey to give feedback on the launch experience (likes, dislikes, questions, requests for information, etc.)

Fill out the form below to put your name on the list for an exclusive Black Tie invitation...