Concert Window: Songs in a Stairwell (aka to the Moon and Back!)

For the past 2 weeks, I've had the honor of doing a little mini artist residency up here in Seattle. So yesterday I took advantage of the perfect lighting and acoustics in a stairwell by *almost* spontaneously giving a little concert via the killer website, Concert Window!

These shows are always so crazy. It blows my mind that I can press a couple buttons and send myself to the moon and back down for ANYONE, ANYWHERE to see! If you've never experienced a show via Concert Window, they're super cool. (I'm doing another one really soon...)

Below you'll find a song I originally wrote on piano. However, this time it's on my little tenor guitar and a fusion of Mo-town and Reggae. (Yes, you heard correct.)

Curious when my next Concert Window show is?


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