I met my Fairy Godmother!

I met my Fairy Godmother.jpg

Julia Cameron is my fairy godmother. No. Really. 

I'm happy to announce that Julia Cameron is hilarious and the cutest. 

and this weekend I got to hear her speak and meet her face-to-face.

If I hear any other good news during my time here during my Artist Residency, I might just keel over from too much. Goodness. too much goodness. 

Julia Cameron is the author of the book/workbook "The Artist's Way," which is a book I've gone through at least 3 times. One of those times I was...

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I'm here! I made it through the snow storm!


and look how gorgeous it is!

the view from the porch of the River House at the Grunewald guild, my place of residence for the next 6 weeks.

This morning I found myself writing the following...

"A lot of the furniture has been here for awhile, I can tell. It’s all kinda wonderful to think about. I am here because so many people helped me. They supported me and gifted me the tools I needed. and here I am. Sitting on a couch that someone donated, under a blanket that a previous artist...

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