ACLU So Cal's Bill of Right's Gala!


I recently released my new single Dr. Ford — I've performed this song in my live sets for 2 years and every time I do, someone walks up to me after the show to thank me for playing it. It's also still an emotional challenge for me to perform without crying and breaking up the song.

So anytime a songwriter releases a new song, especially one like this, we hope it's well-received by as many people as possible. This is why I was absolutely floored and deeply honored that ACLU So Cal featured my song and a lyric video I created (which will also be soon released) at their Annual Bill of Rights Gala, on October 4th, 2020. Because of the pandemic, this year the gala was hosted online by Billy Porter and so many other familiar celebrity faces who are well-known for their social justice advocacy! 

It was absolutely surreal to see that star-studded cast of celebrities mixed up with this song of mine. Surreal, yes. But also a perfect pairing too.

At last year's gala, they gave Dr. Ford the Rodger Baldwin Courage Award for speaking truth to power. I knew any organization that would commend her for such strength would be a worthy partner for this song. Not to mention, they've been advocating for bravery, social justice, and freedom for much longer than I've been alive!

The ACLU is responsible for the following civil rights victories...

  • Halting the Trump Transgender Military Ban in 2017
  • Challenging Trump’s Muslim Ban in 2017
  • A Landmark Voter Suppression Decision in 2016
  • The Fight for Freedom to Marry in 2015
  • Standing Up for Voting Rights in 2014
  • Defending Reproductive Rights, 2011-2015
  • Helping LGBT Americans Serve Openly in 2010
  • Protecting the Right to Privacy in 2009
  • Keeping Religion Out of Science Classrooms in 2005
  • Exposing Torture from 2003 onward
  • Protecting Internet Free Speech in 1997
  • Taking a Stand for Free Speech in Skokie in 1978
  • Defending Reproductive Rights from 1973 onward
  • Protecting Students' Free Speech in 1969
  • Desegregating America's schools through Brown v. Board of Education in 1954
  • Fighting the Internment of Japanese Americans in 1942
  • Defending Science through the Scopes Case in 1925
  • Championing Political Freedom during the Palmer Raids in 1920
  • listed from
I was so elated that my song could help them raise money to keep protecting the Bill of Rights and ensure equality for all of us.

Please join me in sharing gratitude for their crucial work. 

Donate to the ACLU today.


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