Cyberstalking: Vulnerability & Power of Choice

Cyberstalking - Liner Notes Podcast -

Note: This episode might contain triggering content for some audience members.

This month in The School of Bravery we've been focusing on the bravery ingredient of POWER OF CHOICE, while last month we covered VULNERABILITY. Both topics relate to what I want to bring up with you today...


This is one of the rawest and un-edited podcast episodes I've ever published. There is crying in this episode, but you'll also hear hope and thankfully, power of choice.

I've been silent on this podcast and on social media for very good reason recently. But the metaphorical duct tape needed to come off today because 1) I'm going into the studio to record my next album and I wanted you to know and 2) because it was time to let you know what really happened since I returned home from my last round of travels... 

If you or someone you know could use a boost or a new perspective on stalking, stalkers, and cyberstalking -- please send them my way. I don't know everything, but I do know that it is very serious (often deadly) and can rattle even the strongest among us.

Here's to finding the safety we need and to taking the duct tape of fear off our mouths. Here's to greater visibility, mental health for all, and not letting fear stop us. Here's to bravery feeling easier every single day.

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