Mackenzie Spear - Live Sound & Mix Engineer

Mackenzie Spear

Did you know that only 5% of audio engineers are female? This is tragic. Can you just imagine the get-it-done, super-rad albums haven't been made yet?!

Mackenzie Spear and I met through the glorious thing that is social media. There's this not-so-secret Facebook group for Nashville Music Women and it's been an amaaaazing resource to have as a new Nashville resident. Especially, as someone who wants to see that previously mentioned percentage change drastically, preferably as soon as possible.

I worked with Mackenzie as my mixing engineer on Covered in Clover for several reasons:

  1. She has a background as a trumpet player, so I knew she'd know how to (and really enjoy) mixing all the layers of horns on this album.
  2. She helps balance out the gender inequality that I was painfully aware of from day one, even in my own project! (This is a topic I care deeply about.)
  3. She's easy to work with.
  4. She's really good at her job.

We talk about all of that in this episode, but also.... this conversation happened right before she headed out to support the band The War and Treaty (they're so great! check them out!) on a month-long festival tour to help them with their live sound. Bonus! She and I will meet up at the last day of their tour because I get to perform at that same festival! So fun!

I'm so looking forward to working with Mackenzie again and more female audio pros like her. If you're in the music realm already, enjoy listening to a new perspective! If you're in the audience realm, get ready to hear how everything magically gels together!

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