Coltan Foster, bassoonist & advocate for arts education

Coltan Foster

This episode features Coltan Foster, bassoonist extraordinaire and supreme advocate for arts education. When I began my album Covered in CloverI just *knew* it would have bassoon. So Coltan was the first phone call I made to ask if he'd be willing help with this project.

I admire Coltan so much. His perseverance, vulnerability, and authenticity are so crucial to not only being a decent human being, but also an excellent musician.

When he and I recorded Covered in Clover, he had just graduated with his Bachelor's, not quite sure where to go next, and still not completely comfortable in his own skin.

When he and I spoke for this episode about 4.5 years later, he was entering his 9th year of studying bassoon at a collegiate level, thriving in a musical community, and relieved to be out of a closet he never really knew he was in.

I think you'll find this episode to be a bright spot in your day and a reminder that living "in the in-between" can have a lot of power and bring a lot of healing.

Please go take a minute to visit Coltan's projects below. I'm really so glad you get to meet him and get to know a bassoonist today!

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Other links mentioned:
MYCincinnati is a free, daily youth orchestra program in Price Hill. Coltan is one of the Winds Teaching Artists! 
Price Hill Creative Community Festival: featuring 50+ musicians, performers, and artists over two days, mostly from Cincinnati but with guests coming from all over the world. The Artists in Residence program pairs our headlining performers with MYCincinnati students for five hours a day over two weeks to create unique, collaborative performances. Go support them!  


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