I Know Now - Lyrics & Leadsheet

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I grew up in Georgia with my three rosy maple birds 
under sweet magnolia 
with cotton and a cinnamon fern 
okra and collard greens 
spoonfuls of black-eyed peas 
Polly made em for me... 

If only I had known it then 
sweetness I might comprehend, like how the 

pawpaw makes the chalk maple grow 
painted buckeye makes my momma so 
‘merican holly makes a Christmas fern 
butterfly weed makes sourwood burn 
I know, now I know 

Texas holds my heart near 
the Barbary and horses all out back 
under corkscrew willows, I grew 
with the sage and skullcaps 
nettle tea and senna leaves 
I took fistfuls of redbud trees 
but there’s no fruit on that blind prickly pear, I found 

How could I have known it then 
If only I had known it then, how the 

rock roses make the trumpet vines grow 
ox-eyed daisies make my momma so 
mexican mint can make my gold 
live oak has a bluebonnet’s hold 
I know, now I know… 

I found my way around the world, 
tulips lead by lonely grape vines 
landed here, where west unfurls, 
where mountains meet the bands of shore pines 
salmon and evergreens, honey and baleens 
they tell me, I’m gonna make it someday 

If only I had known it then 
maybe we could make amends. 
but how could I have known it then? 
arid beauty was my friend 
if only I had known it then, 
I might’ve seen you lean and bend like the 

fireweed makes the cottonwood grow 
bitter cherry makes my momma so 
ocean sprays are known to go far 
bleeding hearts will the shoot the stars 
I know, now I know


released August 31, 2018 
written, performed, produced & recorded by Emily Ann Peterson (BMI)


all rights reserved

lead sheet 

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