New Song: Little Bit

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"I Don't Have Time To Write Songs for a Kids Album!

...Or Do I?"

I've got a lot going on these days - writing a book and getting ready to release a new album. As part of raising funds to release this album, I've set an album pre-order level for anyone to commission an original or cover song.

It turns out, when you're across the country from your sister who just had her second child, the overwhelming urge to write a song is too hard to deny. Earlier this week I had set aside some time to call my sister and meet the new little one in our family, but she didn't answer. (To all of our benefit!) 

I was so amped to get to see my newest family member and so freakin' bummed to be living so far away from all the excitement that I caved and wrote a song using the format of counting from 1 to 18 for the verses. (I love those kind of lyrical challenges.)

The song is almost as cute as my new little niece. Almost.

(I've pasted the lyrics below, if you're the lyric-lovin' type.)

I was able to play it for her over Facetime earlier this week. Hilariously, my sister was trying to hold the phone still while her oldest kiddo, my first niece, kept grabbing the phone to get a better look at me singing and playing guitar. I looked up from the lyrics mid-way through a couple times to see a screen-filled with the scene of my youngest infant niece wrapped up in a blanket with her tiny little fingers near her face. 

I got pretty choked up trying to sing the song all the way through. It's amazing how much you can love someone without really knowing them. Seeing my sister and two nieces huddled up on the couch like that is a memory I will cherish always.

Later that afternoon, I sent the demo recording (the one above) to my sister and the rest of the family. I'm told my first niece danced to it while the grandparents got to listen to it over dinner together. 

*happy tears!* 

Regardless of my personal connection with this song, the whole experience reminded me exactly why I've chosen a life pursuit that looks a little different. 

Over and over, I've seen that art (music) is magic. Not just like magic, it is magic.

It uses physics of vibration to cross time-zones, technology, and emotional barriers. It defiantly resonates within us without permission. I'll even venture to say it might be the access point to our 4th dimension of our human existence.

What's that? Oh, ha. Please forgive me, my woo-woo was showing. I'll put the lid back on that ;) and leave you to listen to the song with this:

Take a listen to the song below!

Lyrics to "Little Bit"

(copyright 2016 Emily Ann Peterson, BMI)


One day ago
Two eyes welled up
Three tears of joy rolled down
I would see you soon.

Four hours passed
(and then) Five minutes more
(then with) Six beat of my heart all at once
(I knew) I love you.

You’re just a little bit right now
With little bitty hands and toes
You’re a little bit new right now
All of me knows, All of me loves you

(you are) Seven states away
Eight trains from here
Nine unicorns couldn’t fly fast enough
When you’re not here

(‘cause your) Ten fingers and toes
(couldn’t count) Eleven arms of love
(and)Twelve elephant ears couldn’t hear
how much I love you

I’m a little bit far right now
A little more than far from hello
I’m a little bit far right now
but All of me knows, all of me loves you

(when) Thirteen months go by
(or) Fourteen hairs of mine are gray
(If you are) Fifteen inches taller than me
I will still love you

(the next) Sixteen sweet short years
(might hold) Seventeen roses with thorns
(but there are) Eighteen people are pulling for you
You’re not alone

You’re a little bit young right now
Even though you're small, you'll grow
You're a little bit young right now
All of us knows, all of us loves you

You’re a little bit of your daddy
A little bit of your momma
A little bit of you aunties
A little bit of your sister
Don’t forget about Pop & Lolly
Papa and Mimi
Mumsie & Poppop
Marnie & Don & Tim
And everyone else agrees

All of us know, all of us loves you (x3)


Though writing songs for a kids album (or any other album) seems out of left field right now, it's not. Allow me to explain...

4 Reasons Why My Writing a Song for a Kids Album is Not Totally Crazy Right Now

  1. Creative output cannot be stopped. Otherwise certain individuals get metaphorically constipated. Believe me, no one wants that.
  2. Awhile back, I had the seedling of an idea: "Hey Emily, why don't you write some lullabies and songs for kids?" 
  3. A couple obvious signs followed that idea, one of which was a text from a friend with almost the exact same question. "Okay, okay Universe. Message received."
  4. I have a lot of plates spinning around.

Up until this point, I've kept the idea close to my chest. But talking about it now works out perfectly, because...

If YOU have a momentous occasion to celebrate - I'd love to help!

Maybe you think your nephews are cuter than my nieces? (I doubt it.) Maybe your brother is getting married this summer? Maybe your parents have been in love for longer than you've been alive? Maybe your Aunt is retiring and deserves a unique celebration? Maybe your girlfriend just got laid off and needs an anthem of bad-assery? Or maybe your kids need a new "Put your shoes on" song?

Whatever the occasion, let me write a song for it!

Once I get a commission for either a cover song or original song, I'll give you a call. We'll talk desires, details, and dates. When I'm done, you'll get a .mp3 or video to share with your loved ones. 

Oh and if your commissioned song gets officially released (via iTunes/Spotify/etc.) you'll get an extra-special mention in the liner notes of that future album. Cool huh?!




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