All The Kick-Ass Bands Represented on "Velveteen"

So the idea to pull together a little playlist of all the bands represented by the musicians who play on Velveteen just came to me the other day. LITTLE DID I KNOW, this playlist would become one of my. favorite. playlists. 

It just further illustrates how stinkin' lucky we all are (you too!) to have this group of musicians on this album.  

I have such talented friends on this album. They ALL do such kick-ass stuff and partake of so much awesome music here in Seattle. 

Here's a list of just some of the bands...

  • Portugal, The Man (!!!)
  • Shelby Earl <waving at Shelby!>
  • Polyrhythmics
  • Grace Love and The True Loves
  • The Lashes
  • Good Co
  • The Opiate Mass
  • Emerald Hymns
  • and of course Lacey Brown & Andrew Vait's respective solo projects!

If you guys like any of these bands, you'll love this album. 


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