I'm Giving a Sermon on Sunday. (!?!)

I'm Giving a Sermon on Sunday

This might shock you as much as it does me.

Allow me to explain...

Nathan Hollifield is a friend from way-back. His story and mine intersected about 7 years ago but just for a little bit and from a distance. In between that time he moved to the East Coast, got married, had a kid and became a Methodist pastor.

I, on the other hand, left the church. I was told I asked too many "toxic" questions. I got hurt one too many times. So when it comes to church, I'm more than jaded.

When it comes to God, I've continued my honest questioning and have found a personal belonging for mystery and unknown. 

At a friend's birthday party last year at the Parkway Tavern in Tacoma, Nathan and I spotted each other across the room.

"Emily? is that you?!"

"WHAT?! Nathan?! What are *you* doing here!?" 

What a freakin' small world. So we've been catching up from time to time over the last season - politics, buying houses, and the occasional talk about work and creativity. Catching up on the in-between times.

One day over a latte he asked me what it would take to get me to visit his church. I jokingly said "Let me give the sermon." Without blinking an eye he said, "Great! Which date?!"

So here I am pulling together pieces of my upcoming book on Creative Courage and sewing them together with my songs.

for a SERMON.

So, if you're not church-averse and if you're as curious as I am about what I have to sing about and say behind a pulpit, then you're welcome to join me and find out.

Fircrest United Methodist Church at 10am in Tacoma, WA this Sunday April 17th


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