You guys. This Book is Actually Going To Happen.

You guys-This Book is Actually Going To Happen

(piece by piece this book will be finished!)

Well, the month of March certainly just flew by, didn't it? I spent it doing the following...

  1. Moving into my new little house in Tacoma, WA.
  2. Going on a short little tour of house concerts in Spokane, Leavenworth, Whidbey and Orcas Island.
  3. Celebrating my 30th birthday!
  4. Hosting my mom visiting the Pacific NW from Wyoming.
  5. Telling her how high I wanted the pink velvet curtains hung in my living room.
  6. Collapsing from exhaustion while she nailed stuff to the walls.
  7. Volunteering for over a week at the Grünewald Guild
  8. Teaching my cello students.
  9. Consulting for my marketing clients.
  10. Attending a songwriting workshop.
  11. Writing a song about online dating.

Oh and FINISHING THE FIRST DRAFT of the book I've been writing for the last year.

I should cease to be surprised by how much Creative Courage and using of my fear is required to write a book about those very same subjects. At every turn I am smacked with another level of it. yeesh.


You guys. This book is actually happening.

  1. I have an editor. (Hi Lisa!)
  2. She read her first draft, (my 8th draft) of a book I wrote.
  3. I still have a lot of slicing, dicing, and revisions left to complete.

If I was wearing three layers of socks, each of those statements would blow all three layers off. I am absolutely flabbergasted that I've gotten this far, especially during this month in particular.

Even more so, I'm scared shitless about this book's content. It's jam-packed full of all the terrifyingly wonderful stuff that I've encountered in the last several years and some from earlier years too.

I'm aiming for it to become real-deal, no-nonsense advice I would give any of my students or clients going through a shit-meet-fan season of life. It feels like a big deal.

You guys-This Book is Actually Going To Happen(2).jpg

(ukulele, tea, Scrivener, and a view - 4 important tools for writing a book)

You guys-This Book is Actually Going To Happen(3).jpg

(fireside writing session at the Grünewald Guild) 

As I told my lovely writing partner (Hi Daian!) last night,

"You can't always count on what your cookies will look like when the cookie dough hasn't gotten to the oven yet." 

That said, the book is not done.

I have a lot of revisions left and it might look very different by the end of the whole process. My editor is phenomenal and living a phenomenal life. 

(Lisa, I hope you're having fun in Bali, while I sweat and toil over those comments you left on this manuscript. ;)  #halfsarcasm)

She has given me some wonderful suggestions and advice so I've got my work cut out for me. AS IT SHOULD BE. Shitty first drafts (and shitty ninth drafts) are part of process.

I'm grateful to have had a life which permits me the flexibility to leave town for a bit and work from the road while I get this baby done. The Grünewald Guild is such a gift. (If you've never been there, you should.) and house-sitting is a gift too!


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