10 Terrific Tips for Moving Day (Helpful & Questionable)

I've moved around a lot. The other night I counted.

Since high school I've moved, get this, SIXTEEN TIMES.

I've moved SIXTEEN times since 2004. 


So many boxes. So many trips. So many apartments. So many houses. So many cities. So many boxes of pizza. So many hours filled with the ear-piercing sound of tape getting yanked off its roll.

So what does one do with all that expertise? Duh. Write a blog post! ;)

Here's my list of ten somewhat helpful yet questionable tips for your next moving day.

#1 - Start way too early.

It's not a real move unless you're living out of boxes and an overnight bag for 2 too many weeks. 

#2 - Purchase a tape-roll-gadget-thingy. 

Then once you're unpacked and done moving, put it in a forgettable place so you have to buy another one next time you move. (Landlords should include the one of those with every new lease.)

10 Terrific Tips for Moving Day (Helpful & Questionable).jpg

You'd never guess there were kitchen goods inside.

#3 - Recycle boxes from someone else's moving day.

Seriously. Just ask generous strangers from social media for boxes. You'll get some really great ones.

Bonus! For those of us who love surprises, don't re-label those previously used boxes. You'll unpack things faster that way. When you start unpacking you'll surely want to know what you packed inside the box labeled "James' Sex & Drugs."

#4 - Create a giveaway pile as you pack things up.

This way you can just box that pile right up and bring it to your new place!

#5 - Don't take things out of drawers.

Just use the drawer itself! It's practically a box already! 

#6 - Disassembling things? Take a photo with your mind.

There's so much stuff bumbling around in your brain, you surely won't forget which cable got unplugged from which spot or which hole that screw belongs in...

#7 - Put your last load of laundry in the washer.

Do this to celebrate the christening of the first carload of belongings to the new place. This way, you won't have to do laundry for awhile in your new place... especially if your new place doesn't have a washer. (Yet.) 

Then take a photo of the washer with your mind, so you don't forget said load of laundry in your old place.

#8 - Over-pack the car.

Extra pair of pants found randomly at the bottom of a closet? Wedge those suckers between the potted plants!

10 Terrific Tips for Moving Day (Helpful & Questionable)(2).jpg

#9 - Drive 5 mph.

You'll need to drive suuuuuper slow if you expect to get across town without scratching your stuff up, of course in an over-packed car. Drive so slow you make grandma's mad.

#10 - Label only one box correctly.

The box of wine. It should be easily accessible for all your unpacking needs.


Here's to never moving ever again!


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