Rolling With The Punches & Shaking Things Up (The Island Edition)

I returned home yesterday afternoon from a gorgeous 10-day Artist Residency on Orcas Island, WA. 

It was sooooo needed. 


I got to sit in a hot tub while staring out at this gorgeous view...

Rolling With The Punches & Shaking Things Up.jpg

Are you kidding me?! Look at it!!! 

I went on some luscious walks. (You guys! The moss is at least 6 inches deep in some places!)

I got to do a couple ferry commutes to go teach cello in Seattle.

I got a visit from a friend from Texas on one of the days!

I ate some mint ice cream while staring out at the view, thinking big thoughts. 

I even saw some deer and got to snuggle with some friendly kitties. 

Rolling with the Punches...

When I left Tacoma for the island, I intended to record the next Cello Yoga album while out there, but the house I was staying had all these weird noises I couldn't control to timing of (floor heaters, raindrops on the skylights, little Cessna planes flying overhead, etc.) I knew that trying to record out there would've been more hassle than productive.

So I wrote.

Boy did I write

Back Story: Earlier in 2015, I released a little book with some creative prompts. As I pressed publish, I had this sinking feeling it could be so much more... and after getting some awesome feedback on it from some of y'all, I knew a second edition or a total re-write was required. Honestly, I was relieved to hear it needed improvments. I hate having mediocrity out there with my name on it (even though sometimes it's just part of the deal.)

So because of this little Artist Residency (and not being able to record like I had wanted to) I now have the second edition all mapped out and I am well under way with the second rough draft.  Yay!

Returning Home...

The first thing I did when I got back to Tacoma was drop off all my recording gear at my studio. I opened the door and knew something would need to change.


Turns out, not only did my book need a huge overhaul, but so did my studio space. So last night, I rearranged things. I got rid of a lot of old things and brought in some new things.

You see, when your brain receives an overhaul, sometimes your physical space needs to reflect it too.


*Sigh of Relief*

It all feels so much better now. 


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