How To Drive Craft Store Employees Crazy

 My crafty little collection of Christmas percussion!!! Shiny little friends!

My crafty little collection of Christmas percussion!!! Shiny little friends! 

If you're following me on social media, it should be no surprise that I'm working on recording a Christmas album (to be released on Thanksgiving day!)

So after my 5th night in a row of burning the candle at both ends with self-employment and putting this little snowflake of an album together, I deliriously found myself at a local craft store this morning.

There is nothing like walking into a craft store in late October.

It's decked out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas - simply magical and horrifying all at once.

I hadn't been to a craft store in forever so I milled around totally slack-jawed at the amount of craft-crap there is out there.

But don't worry, I snapped out of it real quick and got down to business. 


I asked the first employee I came across, "What makes the perfect Christmas noises and sounds here?" 

"Umm... Bells?" he replied.

"Perfect. Show me your bells!"



A sudden calm washed over me as he walked me over to the kid's craft section. I channeled my Inner Noise Obsessive Compulsive.

[Note: My housemates think this is one of my endearing qualities. Sometimes.]

I shook every bag of bells in the entire store.

I got to work hunting for the perfect resonance, ding, texture, rattle, and ring.

It took about 12 minutes total. I'm sure the employee in the next aisle over thought I was crazy. 

I debated the bag in my left hand vs right hand for about 3 minutes alternately shaking them one at a time with differing velocities.

Then I found the handbells...

I might've yelled out loud, "My shiny little friends!"

I don't remember, I was too excited.

These Christmas "decorations" had some pretty great little tones. I lined them ALL up in a row. Whipped out my iphone chromatic tuner and started measuring the pitch of each one.

I settled on the bell with the closest pitch to an E8. 

Yes, I'm crazy.



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