Why I Pinched Myself 20 Times Yesterday...

There's a reason business managers spend a lot of time on the subject of hiring - The people you surround yourself with can either make or break you. 

Why I Pinched Myself 20 Times Yesterday.jpg Headphones. Check. Americano. Check. Drums. Check. Let's go! Why I Pinched Myself 20 Times Yesterday(2).jpg

Eric "Cool Fingers, Brah" Howk 

These songs are already so much more alive than I could've ever imagined, it's hard for me to imagine how much better things could get with the remainder of this week. 

Why I Pinched Myself 20 Times Yesterday(3).jpg

Toms at an octave! Aaron at a 10.

I must've pinched myself like 20 times yesterday.  

Why I Pinched Myself 20 Times Yesterday(4).jpg

Even though that damn microphone got in the way of Eric's face, there has clearly been a lot of laughter happening.  

What an honor it is to sit back and watch these songs fully step into themselves...

I imagine it's what a parent must feel like to watch their child become an esteemed bug scientist or a genius computer programmer. "Oh! That's what you wanted to grow up to become! Well okay! Awesome!"

Why I Pinched Myself 20 Times Yesterday(5).jpg

Behold! The most Metal egg shaker in all the land!  

On the docket for the rest of the week, more guitar, bassoon, and strings!

Why I Pinched Myself 20 Times Yesterday(6).jpg

Look at my face. LOOK at it. Sheer elation. 

I'm a happy happy girl.  


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