Prompt: Hell Hath No Fury... At All.

In an effort to...  

  1. collect my favorite writing prompts 
  2. write more often 
  3. share in the act of creativity

I've decided to share my weekly writing prompts!

Some weeks, you'll actually catch a glimpse at what comes from my own stab at the prompt.

& just 'cause I'm an artist and I do what I want, some weeks, I won't. ;)

Prompt-Hell Hath No Fury... At All.png

This week's (song)writing prompt...

Hell hath no fury... at all.

Further Prompting: What would it look like if hell wasn't as bad as we thought it was? What would it be like to die and find out that a life of terror was followed with a life of bliss? What would it be like to have lived an impeccable life lived in sheer fear of what you thought hell would be? Imagine you're innocent, you find out you got 'sent' to a hell that had no fury...

Feel free to share what you came up with in the comments below!


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