On Recording and 4am Bedtimes

You are reading the words of a morning person.

Evidently, if you stay up long enough... low & behold! 

It's the morning, the best time of day! 

Monday and Tuesday nights we set up recording gear in the sanctuary of Immanuel Presbyterian Church and three microphones over their beautiful grand piano.

We got to work.

On the 15 that made the semi-final cuts for the album...


Immanuel Presbyterian Church's sanctuary :)  Piano!


At the end of the night I had equal parts of lethal loathing and total adoration for this guy. He worked me so hard and demanded performances I didn't know I had in me. 

Shoot, man. It's sounding good.


Someone left pink roses for us!


Last minute key changes? No big deal.

Honestly, I'd be happy as a clam if we just smacked some vocals on top of it and called it good.

But we have time and there are "sonic colors" I want to paint onto these songs.

There's this one song... It's gonna blow your mind.

Up next is some editing and dreaming this Sunday. Then we've got drums/percussion (Lacey Brown!) and stand-up bass (Ben Obee!) and cello and a few other goodies. 

It's a charmed life, that's for damn sure.


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