Day 3 of 46: I'm ready for bed.


My new music studio: it  does  have a window, but you can't tell because there's a huge WALL OF SNOW outside.

I'm pooped. and I can't tell if it's because I arrived totally and utterly exhausted. (I most certainly did.) or if it's because the adjustment to new community, environment, climate change, wardrobe alterations, and daily schedule have drained me.

Today felt really really really good. I finally was able to wrap my beast-of-a-keyboard up in a big blanket and get some help carrying it through the drifts of snow, across the street, and downstairs into my new studio. This meant I got to play piano and sing today. *sigh...* I really needed to do that... like 4 weeks ago.

The reality is that I need to take this first week really easy and slow. Perhaps take a few naps... But I'm giving a concert on Saturday and should do some more practice and prep for that too. :)

Having a completely brand new daily schedule kinda feels like the carpet's been yanked out from underneath me. I don't have to be anywhere else but here. In fact, I couldn't leave if I tried. We are totally snowed in - my car is under 2 feet of snow right now.

I am grateful. happy. satisfied. and ready for bed.


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