Countdown to Leavenworth: 12 days


"You're so lucky!"

When I tell someone I'm a professional musician, I frequently get the "Wow. You're so lucky you get to pay your bills doing what you love" response. And though I agree, I also get a little sad that not everyone believes they too can live their life doing what they love. 

On a related note, when I tell a fellow musician about my artist residency I get the same response... "You're so lucky - to spend 6 uninterrupted weeks making music!" But it equally saddens me to hear this too. Isn't that what we're supposed to be doing?! Making music we enjoy making? (and also, why has it taken me this long to do this for myself?!)

I think it has less to do with 'luck' and more to do with just doing it - making the choice to do it and actually doing it.

...I'm finding out this takes some serious guts and intense amounts of attention and dedication. I wouldn't've been ready for this a year ago, so the timing is perfect.

I've been preparing for the this adventure in the "wilderness" for the past 8 months. Phew! I mean talk about a roller-coaster ride! I'm beat. I'm tired. I'm almost burnt out. & It's hard to believe I'm the same person that applied for Artist Residencies almost a year ago. I feel so different - not to mention, my everyday life now looks pretty different too.

March 1st couldn't arrive faster!

All this to say, I'm reeeeally looking forward to my time in the mountains at the Grünewald Guild. I need rest. I need a place to stay still. I need to remember my roots. I need to listen to my creative genius. I need to spend time making music I love. and I need to remember what it's like to read a book for fun...  *facepalm*


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