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About Emily Ann Peterson

Singer-songwriter, teaching artist, and #1 bestselling author of the book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous, Emily Ann Peterson is best known by her fans, clients, and students for her uncanny ability to melt down difficult, throat-clenching stories and challenges into easy, step-by-step breaths of fresh air. Her clients and students will tell you she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to their life, career, and creativity.

  • Trusted By "The Big Guys": Fortune500 companies, executives, and tech startups hire her as a consultant, coach, and speaker.
  • Street Smarts, meet Book Smarts: 15 years of successful creative entrepreneurship began with a degree in business management.
  • Life PhD in First Impressions: Surviving & recovering from an eating disorder gives her the empathy and skills to help others minimize the stress of "putting yourself out there."
  • Her Secret Sauce? Songwriting! She can take a complicated, yet crucial subject (like bravery) and synthesize it into a compelling and easy experience!

As founder of The School of Bravery, she teaches twice-monthly masterclasses, consults 1-on-1 with our students, and hosts our podcast.


Break Up With Your Starving Artist Mindset, For Good.

Why? Because SAM is a jerk-face from the pit of hell.

Starving Artist Mindset is an epidemic causing the underselling, underpricing, and the telling of cringe-worthy jokes about paying rent. Yep, SAM is a jerk and you *know* you're better than that.

Using Emily Ann's own bestselling book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous, Jeff Goins' Real Artists Don't Starve and Emilie Wapnick's How to Be Everything, you'll discover how to bravely use your fears to craft a living made with confidence and generosity.

Once free from SAM's hold, you'll learn:

  • The spectrum of business models for creatives & multipotentialites
  • How to choose your worth & price yourself without cringing
  • How to expand your vision of possibility & spot unique, profitable opportunities
  • How to reframe and lean on ALL your skills, especially your creative skills, to create a lucrative & meaningful living

Take this class ASAP! Your bank account and brain will thank you for it.


Automate Your Career & Creativity

Productivity Power Tools to Master Time Management & Making Bravery Feel Easier

Creative visionaries wear all the hats, often all at once. So how does one not drown in an overwhelming to-do list?! Emily Ann Peterson, songwriter and bestselling author of Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous walks you through her favorite software/robots for career creatives.

You'll learn how to pick the right tools that help to:

  • create a system for DIY booking or publicity
  • automate your social media without faking it
  • organize & automate your next product launch/release 
  • build a membership site for your patrons
  • automate scheduling and payments
  • and most importantly, up-level your creative output

 This 60-min class with over $450 in exclusive coupon codes could change your life, career, and creativity forever.

Get started today and automate your life, yo!