I'm happy to announce...!

  • The album is written. (yay!) 
  • The songs have been arranged. (yay!) 
  • The instruments are recorded and tracked. (yay!) 
  • The pieces and parts have been edited. (yay!)   

A lot of you have been anxiously waiting to get your hands on this beauty. I've gotten many emails saying as much. ;) 

5 important steps still remain...

  1. Mixing - wherein all the sounds expertly folded together

  2. Mastered - wherein each song is professionally adjusted to suit every kind of speaker in existence

  3. Manufacturing - wherein I receive a box of gorgeously designed merchandise to give you

  4. Distribution - wherein the tracks are uploaded onto all the online stores

  5. Marketing - wherein I and my team slave over press releases, mailers, emails, interviews, and more

This stuff is expensive and it's been really difficult to make my personal ends meet and find extra lumps of dough just hanging around. But thankfully with the help of generous patrons (like you!) we are going to fully fund this baby and give it the official release that it (and you) deserve!  

I'm offering a special pre-order campaign with an exclusive t-shirt, handwritten lyrics, and more!

Here’s how it works – you can pre-order any of the items listed below. When the album is fully funded, everyone will get a either an early download or a listening link at least 4 months before the general public!

Once you pre-order, you can get on my Early Access List to receive behind-the-scene updates and other super secret stuff. You’ll be able to hear streams of new songs, see unreleased videos and photos, and more. This is my way of saying thanks for all of your support!

I can’t wait to share this album with you; come join me!

Let's make it real! 




People Are Saying...

“Friends do yourself a favor and get on the Emily Ann Peterson train. Support a Tacoma artist, have a blast, have your heart ripped from your chest, cry, laugh, and dance. Whatever you do just pre-order her new album Velveteen!
— Nathan Hollifield, fan
“My heart bursts and words truly fail. This woman is my hero.
— Freya Kennedy, fan
“As every songwriter will tell you, your pre-order can REALLY help get an album finished and out into the world. So get at it! Support this rad lady and independent art!
— Shelby Earl, Seattle musician
— Blair S., fan


Want to contribute even more? Well, that's just awesome!

Shoot me an email and name your price! I'll call. We'll talk. I'll be overjoyed to pull together an adequate thank you gift!


The Tracks

(not final order!)

  • Velveteen
  • You Can't Have Me
  • Night of the Living
  • Horton's Hope
  • Escape My Heart
  • Destined to the Road
  • Lean Back
  • Curtains
  • Bruise Easy
  • Other Woman
  • Safe
  • Shade of Silver


Over 10 months ago I stepped into the Columbia City Theater to start the largest creative project I've attempted to date. I brought a stack of songs and selected the 12 best.  I was nervous about failing and excited about making it them sound their absolute best.

My über-talented friends helped...

  • Gary Mula - co-producer & engineer
  • Mackenzie Spear - mixing
  • Raelynn Janicke - mastering
  • Eric Howk - bass, guitar
  • Lacey Brown - drums
  • Aaron Benson - drums
  • Coltan Foster - bassoon
  • Alina To - violin
  • Andrew Vait - saxophone
  • Carey Rayburn - flugel horn, trumpet
  • Scott Morning - trumpet
  • Jess Alldredge - co-arranger
  • Genevieve Pierson - cover photo

Gary Mula and I co-produced the magic held within the walls of the gorgeous Columbia City Theater in Seattle, WA. Not only did we get to track these songs in a historic burlesque theater, but I am honored to have so many talented friends jump in and join us


The Title

Halfway through our studio time, I escaped to the mountains and returned with a new song, Velveteen, inspired by Margery Williams' children's story of a rabbit becoming real. In many ways, this song encapsulates my most nostalgic and favorite parts about life and love.

It perfectly accompanies this last season of my life and has resonated with so many audiences members over the last year - which makes it a perfect album title too!