An Afternoon at Applebaum Violin Shop (Tacoma, WA)


I just spent the most lovely hour at Applebaum Violin Shop here in Tacoma, WA! Sally Strohm and Carl Applebaum were such a delight to spend time with and talk about cello stuff.  I even got to play on a couple early 1900 French cellos! They growled and purred like a well-kept 1972 Camaro and yes, you should be jealous. 

If you're a Tacoma student (or even Seattle for that matter) I would definitely suggest supporting local NW businesses and stopping by their shop sometime soon. They have a great cello rental program going and they keep their cellos in tip-top shape. (The owner is married to fellow cello teacher Mara Finckelstein!)

Thanks Carl & Sally - I can't wait to drop in the shop again soon!