Kye Alfred Hillig's "Together Through It All"

My friend Kye Alfred Hillig, who some of you may remember performed at our last cello recital (Thanks again Kye!) just release his new album "Together Through It All."

This is one of those albums that I'm completely honored to have been asked to help with during the recording process. I love doing string arrangements on the spot and singing some solid bgvs, but sheesh, when it's for really good music and songwriting and for really awesome folks (including the album's producer, James Resch) well, I'm just humbled.

Below are my two favorite tracks, one of which I helped with some cello... (I would encourage you to get out your fancy headphones or plug in a pair of stellar speakers, you'll thank me.)

So now that your socks have been melted and your soul healed, go and download the whole album. It's free. Seriously. Go do it. Now. and then go "like" him on Facebook.