Enriching Your Environment: 2014 Spring Field Trips

Most of you know, I'll be in Leavenworth, WA for 6-weeks starting March 1st through April 15th. And yes, I'll miss my beautiful cello students... BUT there is so much to do in the Seattle/Tacoma area while I'm gone that you could blink and I'll be back in town. 

I've not only scheduled some fun group lessons and other special events for my students (more to come later) but I've also collected my favorite musical events happening in the area between now and then and put them on the calendar below.

There is no shortage of educational experiences for you to partake of. (I haven't even listed all of them!) And they will all greatly enrich your pursuit of music. So get out there!

Financial Aid Hint-Hint/Wink-Wink: Most of these events have a special discounted student rate... I'd suggest calling ahead and asking for that if you need it.