Tacoma, WA: How Arts Education Supports a Community

Tacoma, WA is a city that I have adopted as a home. A real live(ly) home with people and ideas that are really  creative and inspiring. One thing Tacoma does pretty stinkin' well is supporting the Arts. (and it's growing too! Yay!)

I'm honored to be a witness to the love that Tacoma shares and in how the community supports each other. Because I'm a musician I've seen this act of supporting the Tacoma community up close and personal. Yes, I'm biased and reporting this from the trenches, but the fact remains true. Supporting your community by supporting the Arts is worth it.  

I don't care from where you're reading these words today. If you have the chance to support the Arts in your area, DO IT.   And on behalf of those who work with those who benefit from your support. Thank you. The world is truly a better place for it. Truly.

Below you'll get a few more comments and points of view on this topic in a mini-documentary funded by the Laird Norton Family Foundation. and shh... You might  even see a brief cameo of yours truly! ;-)