Wild Combination: the composer & cellist, Arthur Russell

 Click on the photo above to rent the documentary from Amazon.

Click on the photo above to rent the documentary from Amazon.

I just rented "Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell" from Amazon Instant Video. What a gem it is! 

A friend of mine turned me towards Arthur Russell's music earlier this year and I was truly enchanted by how "current" his compositions felt. After researching him some more I realized exactly how before his time he really was.

Arthur Russell (1951-1992) was a cellist, composer and singer whose work spanned the genres of classical, disco, funk, rock, and folk. He died of AIDS at the early age of 40. 

What I loved about this documentary was the brief glimpse at another artist's creative processes, struggles and successes to be individual, true to himself, and have his voice heard. I really admire his work as a cellist and composer, so it was beautiful to see inside his life a bit more than I already had. 

Add this documentary to your watchlist, it's a really good one.


The following is a video made as a promo for a kickstarter campaign from last year, but I thought it did a pretty great job explaining how important Arthur Russell has been to musicians and listeners around the world.