Because Science.

Math is a Science and at the end of the day, so is music.

But music is also quite mysterious and enchanting. How can all of that be true? Well folks, because Science. That's How.

Below you'll find some videos featuring my favorite science and math experiments pertaining to sound and music. [Click here if you don't see the videos below.]

The Rubin's Tube

Typically, a lot can go wrong when propane is involved, but in this demonstration of the Rubin's Tube, rest easy nothing goes amiss.


This blows my mind. It's so cool. and these 3 videos do a pretty awesome jobs of introducing the gist of what it offers us as musicians. Imagine the cymatics would look like with cello vibrations! 


I don't totally understand it, but it is pretty phenomenal that sound could cause flashes of light like that!

Do you have your own favorite sound/science experiments? I'd love to hear about em!