March 16th: NWSO performs Dvorak, Wagner

Yay! I'm back in the world of orchestra!

I didn't realize how much I've missed it until rehearsals started up last week. I'm lovin' it. And I would love it even more if some of you got to enjoy it too! So here's the concert information...

March 16th - Northwest Symphony Orchestra

 Cara Gabrielson

Cara Gabrielson

NWSO performs Dvorak's 8th Symphony, Wagner's Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla, and select arias performed by soprano, Cara Gabrielson. 

I have access to $7 tickets ($10-15 online or day-of) so email me if you'd like to get in on that deal. Oh, and the best part is that STUDENTS GET IN FREESo grab your niece/nephew/neighbor kiddo - these pieces of music are terrific for kiddos.