Body Movement & the Cello: Pt 1

This weekend is our February Celloship(s) of the Ring! If you have not RSVP'd, please do so asap - we need to prepare for all the relevant age groups and abilities.

Karin Stevens, our Seattle guest speaker, and Faith Stevens, our Tacoma guest speaker, are both choreographers and beautiful dancers. They are not relatives :-) They're way more experienced in using their body to communicate artful form than I am and I can't wait to learn some awesome stuff from them both to apply to the cello.

So, in light of all that will happen this weekend, I'll spend this week on the blog sharing some of my favorite body movement videos from "zee youtubes." Below are two videos posted originally by Abigail McHugh-Grifa, who always has really great insights to offer on the cello. Jared Ballance, is another Suzuki teacher in the NW/Seattle area, so I thought I'd post that video too! 

[Hint for busy parents/students: These are good videos with activities to incorporate into cello practice this week!]

I know that I often talk about how your body moves in relation to playing the cello, but I thought it'd be nice to hear it from some other really talented teachers. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need!

Use this week's practicing to experiment with how your body moves with the cello.

A mirror will be helpful to have during practice this week, that is if you don't already have one... Observe and take notes to possibly share at the Celloship!