Project 52 Update

You might already know this, but I've been recording cover songs. I started Project 52 hoping to put out one recording each week for a year (hence the 52.) But life happens, as you know. So I don't get a chance to put all of them online.

Regardless, here's the latest go of it... Ultra-Pop Princess, Katy Perry, meets a cello choir (and my attempt at some Whitney Houston towards the end! eek!)

This particular arrangement is for 7 cellos, organ, & snaps'n'claps. (The Rihanna song I did awhile back was for 6 cellos.)

I don't normally spend much time on these recordings, but for some reason I "caught the bug" with this one. I started working on it Sunday at 11am and then blinked. BOOM! It was suddenly 7pm and I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day. I felt a wee bit looney walking through the grocery store afterwards. Yikes!

Bottom-line: I'm finding this Project 52 to be a really really great etude in recording and producing. I highly suggest to anyone wanting to learn a new skill to JFDI! (Just F***ing Do It!) But I think you already knew that. ;-)