Video: French Folk Song on Boomwhackers!


Thank you again to everyone who came out to yesterday's Celloship of the Ring. It was soooo much fun.

Lacey Brown did a phenomenal job of introducing us to all her hand drums with a sweet mini-drum circle and then taught us some of our cello songs on her Boomwhackers!  Thank you Lacey!

Check out the video below to see us rock French Folk Song on those sweet Boomwhackers.

Again, I want the Celloship of the Ring to provide a safe and low-key environment to explore the world of the cello as a group by experiencing differing perspectives than our own. Percussionists like Lacey Brown have so much to teach cellists (and other instrumentalists) about meter, tempo, listening, and spacial form.

A few things I took away from the afternoon...

  • Rushing the tempo and not resting long enough usually comes from over-anticipating future notes. This was a great reminder to "be present" with what is right now, rather than skip it over and get on to the next note.
  • What a relief it is to bang on a drum with two hands individually, rather than have your hands depend upon each other to make one sound! Talk about immediate gratification!
  • Drum circles provide a great environment to listen, experiment, and "zone out" - It's like meditation for folks with ADHD!

What are some other things you can learn from a percussionist?

FYI - next month the Celloship of the Ring will host guest speakers from the world of dance! RSVP to reserve your spot today!