Practice Game: Bouncing with the Flow

Grace and I have been working on fluidity, musicality, and flow of her musical phrases recently. I have to credit David Evenchick for this idea. He's my brilliant Suzuki teacher trainer.

Check out the video below... (Click here if you can't see it.)

What I love about this exercise is that you are forced to feel (with your WHOLE body) when the flow is hindered by the ball. This also requires that you fully understand how to subdivide each  bounce evenly.  I also love that this exercise/game is not limited to just the cello. Feeling the flow of your music like this can be useful for any instrument. 

Possible Modifications...

  • Listen to the Suzuki CD while bouncing a ball. Try to keep up with it!
  • Try this with ANY piece of music: Pop/Rock, future repertoire, review pieces, etc.
  • Bounce twice as fast/slow.
  • Little brothers and sisters will love to join in on this one.
  • Go outside and get some fresh air!
  • Toss it up in the air, instead of bouncing on the ground. How does this change your flow?
  • Try different balls. Basketball? Super Bouncy Ball? Whiffle ball? Which ones work the best?
  • If your natural instinct is to catch the ball from underneath, twist wrist and throw down, try switching that up. Instead catch from above or from the side.

Happy Bouncing!