It's Memorial Day in the USA.

It's is Memorial Day and I thought I'd share a couple timely videos with you today. (Click here if they don't show up in your blog reader.)

Though my political views have flexed over the years, I can still say I deeply respect and fear the devotion to freedom that American soldiers have shown me. I will gladly defend what they have given me, a opportunity to have human rights and fight for them around the world.

Their sacrifice for freedom makes ridiculously epic (and epically ridiculous?) music videos like this one by The Piano Guys feel totally trivial yet poignant.



But then again, there aren't many countries in the world that would give you a chance at playing cello/piano on a beach or in the middle of a lush green meadow like these guys do. 

Freedom allows me (and you!) to have a chance at music. Their sacrifice allows music education to thrive and spread. It also allows people like Beyonce Knowles to stand on a stage with HUGE hair and sing about it at a nationally televised parade event. Again epically ridiculous AND ridiculously epic.