Teacher Tool of the Week - "Phrase Bumpers"

My students are all very familiar with my love of Post-it Notes, especially the super sticky large ones. More often than not, I'll use them to write out the lesson's notes, reminders, assignments. But I've been getting creative!!

The picture above reveals what they become when you cut off the non-sticky part, cut the sticky part in half, and use as "Phrase Bumpers." I use this for my own practice all. the. time.  Because I use the super sticky Post-its, I can re-stick the "Phrase Bumpers" to every phrase without losing stick-em.

This works wonders for those songs that you know you should just practice one phrase at a time. ("But the song is so pretty, I want to play the whole thing every time!") I also use these "Phrase Bumpers" to help with a difficult phrase containing several shifts, by moving one of the bumpers one note at a time after the desired repetitions of the revealed portion of the phrase. 

In the instance above, I also used the "Phrase Bumpers" to list out the specific posture pointers and technical reminders for the song. This way the student can do their alotted repetitions of the phrase while methodically focusing on all the things we've discussed during the lesson. Gotta love those visual reminders!