Cello News Round-Up: February 21st

I have a cello-crush on Emily Hope Price. Especially now, after I heard her band's cover of Bon Iver's "Re:Stacks." What?! How doth my ears swoon! The be-spectacled trio, Pearl and the Beard, was interviewed and featured by Brooklyn Beat here. You should definitely let your ears take part in what they've done with this song. No cello, but still just as beautiful as if there were.

This month, as you may well know, is Black History Month. Having grown up in the midst of Martin Luther King Jr's hometown, Atlanta, I have a deep pride for this part of the diversity in America's compilation. I found this article about cellist Donald White rather inspiring. He was the first black member of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra in 1957. Read the featurette here.

Do you remember the story about the group of musicians aboard the Titanic serenading/calming passengers with their melodies? Well, there is a plaque commemorating the cellist's bravery in his hometown, Eastbourne, UK. The plaque is being repaired and there will be a big hoopla on April 15th, revealing and re-commemorating the anniversary of John Wesley Woodward's bravery. Check it out here.

Here's my most recent Youtube-find for all the Katy Perry fans out there... Enjoy!