A Smattering of Cello News

In scanning my news feeds this morning, I found some tidbits I think you'll enjoy perusing...

Firstly and sadly, Whitney Houston has died at age 48. She and her vocal chords will be missed.

Secondly, don't have enough money for the cello you really want? Get a bank to help out. "The recent loan of a $6-million plus 1695 Stradivarius cello to Stéphane Tétreault of Montreal has naturally aroused wide interest. But there are other good cellos in the land, many of them in the inventory of the Canada Council's Musical Instrument Bank." What list do I have to be on to get one of those? eh? eh?

Thirdly, I knew I wasn't the only one who thought this cello-stuff is getting popular! Steve Fidel, of the Desert News, has some similar thoughts. He interviews Steven Sharp Nelson, cellist for the youtube sensation thePianoGuys, about this cello-ly phenomenon. In the interview Nelson says, "Teachers may dislike me for this, but I say practice a little less and play a little more." Nope, Steven, I completely agree with you!

Oh no... this is every university cellist's worst nightmare: getting your $20,000 cello stolen. :-\ Let's step up the security Concordia University!

Finally, Dr. Danielle Ofri wrote a really inspiring essay in the New York Times recently, titled "What Doctors Can Learn From Musicians." She has a lot of great words to offer but the following are my favorites...

Picking the right coach is paramount. I initially tried several cello teachers. All were excellent, but when I took a lesson with the last one, I knew immediately that I’d found the right mentor. The combination of exacting standards — whether for Suzuki’s “Twinkle Twinkle” or Bach’s suites — and unflinchingly honest criticism, laced with an unfailing optimism that I would succeed if I kept at it, is perfect for me. We’ve been sweating it out together for six years. It’s the hardest, most sustained, most gratifying work I’ve done in the last decade; nothing I’ve done in medicine in these same years comes close.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Happy Cello-ing!