Post-Recital Huzzah!

I'm writing this after a rather large salad (Vegan "Chickin" Thai, in case anyone's interested) and just before I do my post-recital decompression extravaganza: yoga, hot bath, and a movie.

I wanted to convey how proud I am of each of my students today - the one's who attended, the one's who performed, the ones who smiled through their struggles, and the ones who have parents who, I'm sure, are equally proud. 

I can't stress enough that I'm truly truly truly honored to have such beautiful humans as cello students - You all have simply beautiful hearts and I love that you've allowed me the opportunity to  teach you how to express yourself through my favorite instrument. I hope this is not the first time you've heard me say that - nor the last. You all are a great group of folks!

Thank you. so much. 

Now, get out there and CELEBRATE! You deserve it!