Brain Stuff - Pt. 3: Rex Jung on Neuroscience of Creativity

In today's feature of To The Best Of Our Knowledge's series on The Creative Brain, we're looking at novelty and creativity where interviewee, Rex Jung, describes brain imaging studies of creativity in action. Listening to this interview I'm reminded of just how magical the brain still is to all of science. We still don't know that much about it. 

The interview also briefly mentions the "Ah Ha!" moment phenomenon. It is a beautiful thing. These moments happen at seemingly random times and can be really really powerful life-changers, but only if we have the capacity to listen to them and act upon them. 

In my musical practices, the "Ah Ha!" moment seems to occur when I assume the objective stance of a scientist of my cello playing. Often the emotional stances I see myself and my students take ("I'll never be able to do this!" "I'm such an idiot." "Why didn't I practice more this week?" etc.) are enough brain-noise to distract us from listening to what our "Ah Ha" moments are trying to teach us.

Our self-listening occurs when we can leave all brain-noise at the door in the name of science or self-observation.

In my experience, the emotional and communicative aspects of my performances are best seen by the audience when I allow my scientific-self to purify the sound/song objectively. After that purification is complete, the infusion of emotions and the message of the song, is so clear. Those are the performances that have the most impact.

Here's a great little video where Dr. Rex Jung becomes a Neuro-Myth Buster...