Brain Stuff - Pt. 1: Oliver Sacks on Musicophilia

Most of you know that since I live in Tacoma, I have a wee bit of a commute to my studio in Seattle three days a week. Those 45-60 minutes, traffic allowing, have really begun to be just the thing I need to get me psyched to teach. Or when I'm headed home, this time has become a wonderful opportunity to take a deep breath after a long and thorough teaching day.

Per a friend's suggestion I've begun listening to "To The Best Of Our Knowledge" and boy am I glad I did! The whole show is so beautifully edited and the amount of thought and care put into each interview is really palpable, regardless of the subject of the interview.

Recently TTBOOK did a series on The Creative Brain - I loved every second of it and kept saying to myself "My students have to hear this!" So hear we go... This is the first of several blog posts inspired by the interviews in that series.

[Listen to the TTBOOK interview... Click here.]

Oliver Sacks wrote the book titled "Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain." He is professor of neurology and psychiatry at Columbia University, and Columbia's first University Artist. Thanks to the magic of youtube, you can watch some of his story-telling

My favorite part of the interview? He discusses the noticeable changes in the brain after going through one year of the Suzuki Method. This isn't a surprise to me (or any of my students) but it's always nice to feel validated by a neuro-scientist. ;-)