For New Students

Congratulations! By now you’ve decided on the time and days for your lessons. Part of any successful journey is being prepared. Let’s make sure you’re ready for your first lesson - the first steps to a musical and creative journey of expression!

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For All Beginners... (Adults & Kids)

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For Kids!



  • Cello - I don’t want you to fit your cello - I want your cello to fit you. Please ask Emily if she has a size preference for your cello.

  • Bow & Rosin - Rosin should be applied to the bow for every 1-2 hours of practice or performance time.

  • Suzuki Books 1 & 2

  • Audio CD of Suzuki Books 1 & 2 - This is crucial.

  • Rockstop - Prevents your gorgeous hardwood floors from being poked to pieces.

  • Cello Strings - D’addario is a decent brand for beginners

  • Practice Chair - This is crucial and will be a subject of discussion in your first lesson. Your practice chair should allow your feet to be grounded with a 90 degree angle in your knee while your thigh is parallel to the floor.

Instrument Care Instructions

  • Never leave your instrument in hot/cold car! Treat it like a baby. If it's too hot or cold for you, it's too hot or cold for your instrument. Heat will quickly ruin the varnish and can even melt the glue that holds the instrument together.

  • Loosen your bow hair every time you have finished playing. If the hair is left tight, it becomes too long and it may become necessary to re-hair the bow (your responsibility). It may also cause the bow to warp.

  • Try not to touch the bow hair with your hands. Even clean hands will transfer body oil to the bow’s hair. Rosin will not stick to bow hair where oils and dirt collect.

  • Clean the instrument often with a soft cloth, especially where rosin collects on the top. If rosin is allowed to build up, it becomes quite difficult to remove. It's better to develop the habit of daily cleaning.

  • If your case is equipped with a neck restraint, use it!

  • Strings break. You will live. Just be careful next time. You can order another string online or from your favorite cello store.