Weekly Round-Up in the Style of Playing (Less) Hurt

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To the right you'll find my ergonomic pegs. I had my local luthier cut off the outside quarters of some cheap pegs. The extra room buys me some space for my head to not need to tilt to one side, a problem a lot of cellists encounter at one time or another. Easy and inexpensive fix - can't get better than that!










And this was the way it felt Christmas season 3 years ago when my wrist got dangerously too close to RSI. Listening to my body, helps me avoid a Repetitive Stress Injury. RSI makes playing cello near impossible. That's what happens when force and tension is combined with repetition, poor posture, and not enough rest. Like Janet, it was hard for me to even do simple tasks like turning doorknobs... phew! Glad that's over!






Sam Bergman of the Minnesota Orchestra Blog, Inside the Classics, posted a great interview and blog post highlighting Janet Horvath's story of heathy musicianship.  Here's the last of 5 segments...


Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5


Musician, Heal Thyself - by Patrick A. McGuire


Minnesota Public Radio interviews Janet Horvath from June 2010. Listen and read the interview article here.


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